[Life] For Those Striking Moments In My Life


Well, I wrote this article just for marking a striking moment in life happened last night.

True, I felt low these days and I tried hard to recover myself using normal ways. However, when I was nearly broken out last night, I desperately surfed internet for random informations just for calming myself down. For that moment, I read a article about traveling. Not really about traveling, but more about meaning-searching.

I never did weed or mushroom or any other drugs before. I never know how it felt high when they do weed. However, just last night, I felt a sense of belonging. I found myself connecting with whole universe, whole galaxy and my entire life. I cannot find any words that can describe my feeling at that moment.

It’s sounds like, all the meanings of my life had come back at that striking moment. I was relived from the heavy burden I saddled. For that moment, I felt almost crying.

Just a mark down,  for life and for human.