Baby, it doesn’t work.

这两天,连我在内的几位好友都陷入漩涡之中。对于一些事情,翻来覆去,脑海中只剩下两面 :

It does’t work and you know it.

I may know it. So what? Go for it.

大概是自己的怯懦,导致朋友们来找我聊天的时候,一般都只会得到两种答案。 如果不如意,不过不快乐,那大概就是劝分了,better early than late. 如果要真凑活凑活过,等这股气过了,又甜甜蜜蜜来我这秀恩爱,那我也没什么好说的。如果说心动了,想要去追寻了,但是心里有这样那样的顾虑。这种时候,我一般都会说, nothing to lose, better go for it.

Well, things probably won’t work and we know it. But why are we here? Why are we still gibbering rubbish and do nothing? Yeah, things do not always work out. You just need that bit of courage to do it, to say it. Nonetheless, you have us. You have friends. Well well well, things are always easier to say than to do.

大概自己是最怯懦的,很多事情犹犹豫豫。该冷酷的时候不冷酷,不该冷酷的时候冷酷。Fine, you have your moments. You have your memories. But these are just the past. You need to live in the present. Or rather fuck it. You still wanna struggle till the end. 前几天和好友打跨洋电话,互相给予安慰。聊聊彼此的生活,过去,感情。即使隔着大洋,即使我们并不密切的联络,但这种时候能有朋友陪你聊一聊大概是一剂良药了。Yeah, friendship is one of the most important things in your life. The good thing about it is that it is not bonding. We are friends but we don’t need to carry any responsibilities. However, humankind’s defect is its need for bonding relationships.

所以到最后,该如何自处呢?就像JP Morgan,GS一样too big to fail, 有些人也是too important to lose. 没了勇气,大概只有遗憾了。