Where Should Blackberry Go

01 (1)When I saw the Blackberry Classic Cobalt Blue Edition, I just fell in love with it at the first glance. I suddenly found that my love for Blackberry since 9000 has come back. I have long been a Blackberry fan since my first blackberry 9000. At that time, I was already using iPhone but still love 9000. At that time, I thought Blackberry meant reliability and security. While I am using iPhone generation after generation, I stop buying Blackberry since 9900. Where is Blackberry? Why News of Blackberry is alway that Blackberry is struggling or Blackberry is preparing to be sold out?

Yesterday when I saw the new Blackberry Classic, I suddenly came up with an idea that Blackberry may go. Blackberry made phones for business man and for high-end users. Blackberry, like some other brands, is an icon. It can change its strategy to make it another Vertu or even better than Vertu. It could be the ‘Leica’ in phone brands. Using the best design, best material and best user experience, it could be a dream for many people. I love Blackberry for its design and experience in user experience. I don’t like Vertu even it uses many luxurious materials. In my mind, Vertu has very bad design and bad user experience. However, I have faith in Blackberry that it could do better. In the past, before iPhone, Blackberry was seen as the best accompany for businessman.

It can be a luxurious phone company instead of a declining company struggling in the smartphone market.